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Slenderverse: Marble Hornets

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If you’ve been active on the Internet for longer than twenty minutes, you’ve likely come across Slenderman by now. A creation of Victor Surge, Slenderman has spread rapidly through the Internet like wildfire.

For the uninitiated, Slenderman is a monster. A Lovecraftian horror, Slenderman (or Slendy, as fans have been known to call him– but NEVER call him “Slender,” or the nerds will find you) takes the basic shape of a very tall, very thin humanoid. Varying adaptations depict him with some differences– for instance, some include tentacles, some don’t– but two things are always the same. First, he has no face– where one would be, there is just a white blank void. Second, he wears a suit. Or, as some say, it looks like a suit, but is actually his skin? It’s not really certain. It doesn’t matter, because Slenderman is freakin’ horrifying. Continue reading



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Well, here we are. Welcome to the new site.

You might be wondering what the deal with this site is, even though I put up a pretty self-explanatory “About” section. That’s okay. I forgive you.

This site is going to be my central Internet hub. This is where my original content will be posted– when I am giving that content away for free, that is. This site is not, nor will it ever be, subscription-based. Everything will always be fully and freely available to anyone who wants to read or view it. The one exception is the “Store” section, where you can currently find my first book, Catalya. Other things will be added to that as I produce them, but right now there’s just my book. Continue reading

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