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Well, here we are. Welcome to the new site.

You might be wondering what the deal with this site is, even though I put up a pretty self-explanatory “About” section. That’s okay. I forgive you.

This site is going to be my central Internet hub. This is where my original content will be posted– when I am giving that content away for free, that is. This site is not, nor will it ever be, subscription-based. Everything will always be fully and freely available to anyone who wants to read or view it. The one exception is the “Store” section, where you can currently find my first book, Catalya. Other things will be added to that as I produce them, but right now there’s just my book.

So, what kind of content can you expect? Honestly, a whole lot of different things.

First, there will be short stories. I can pretty much guarantee that all of them will have a supernatural aspect to them, because that’s what I typically like to write. Those will vary in length from the extremely short (two thousand words or so) to the almost absurdly long (around ten thousand words). Short fiction is not my specialty; I mainly like writing novel-length works, because I tend to be a little wordy. Part of the reason I wanted to make this site was to exercise that short fiction muscle so that I can get better at it.

Next, there will be a lot of reviews. I am addicted to stories. I mean, I read a lot. I also watch a lot of TV and movies. Hell, I play some video games just for the story (I’m the one who sits and watches all of the cutscenes in the Metal Gear franchise). So I will be providing in-depth reviews of all kinds of different content; books, movies, TV and webseries, mostly. I likely won’t cover any video games, but that might change.

Third, I’ll be posting articles about academic and scholarly writing. I have a wealth of experience in writing for grades, and I’m frequently shocked and dismayed at how little attention is paid to teaching students how to write papers when they’re in high school. The truth is that the curriculum doesn’t seem to require many lengthy assignments, so most students just don’t have the skills necessary to write a good paper when they reach college. I wound up tutoring a surprisingly high number of my classmates in my graduating class. These are people who had gone through four years of both History and even (!) English Literature programs. They had somehow managed to make it through four years of coursework without picking up the necessary skills to put together a solid thesis paper– and these are humanities students– pretty much every class I’ve ever taken has required multiple papers of at least five pages, at minimum. The vast majority had ten or twenty page assignments.

This is not to say that I am smarter than those students who needed help. I just happen to have one marketable skill, and one marketable skill only: I can write pretty well. So I will be posting articles that address frequent issues and common mistakes people make when writing papers. I’ll also be running a YouTube channel that goes into even further depth on a variety of topics involving academic and scholarly writing. The first series of videos will be detailing a framework of paragraph and paper construction that should help people with little or no experience in writing that sort of thing, one taught to me by the greatest English Literature Professor of all time. So, there’s that.

Fourth, there will be similarly constructed articles on fiction writing. These will deal with less on the nuts and bolts of writing and more on theme, story construction, best practices and characterization. Most writers know pretty well how to write, but advice from a different party has often helped me, and I’m operating under the assumption that my advice might help others. Even if it doesn’t, explaining concepts and things like that might help me understand things better, so it isn’t entirely altruistic.

Finally, this is also where you can keep up with what I’m doing. News and other things will be posted here first before disseminating to various forms of social media.

So what kind of update schedule can you expect? Well, I’m currently planning on having new content up on this site every day from Tuesday through Friday. That’s four articles/stories per week. I also hope to have a new video on the YouTube channel every Monday, possibly even more often if I can manage to get things done in a reasonable amount of time. Here is how I’m currently– remember, this might change based on how long things take me to get done– planning to manage content:

Monday: New YouTube video

Tuesday: New Short Story

Wednesday: New Review

Thursday: New Academic Writing Article

Friday: New Fiction Writing Article

Saturday/Sunday: No content

How long will this last? For as long as I can keep it up. I think I can handle it for a good long while.

I also have further plans for different content in the future, but I won’t go into any details until I can figure out if I can handle it first. I’m crazy, not stupid.

There will also likely be some changes in the site throughout this week; once I get social media stuff set up, there will be widgets for that sort of thing all over the place. Some banners might get moved around. But unless there are any issues, the basic construction is done. So, get used to it.

That’s it for me. The first short story, Smile, can be found under the tab up top. Tomorrow, I will post my first review, one of the Web Series “Marble Hornets,” which recently concluded. The rest is a mystery, so you’ll have to find out for yourself.


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