Course Adjustment and YouTube Launch

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Hello, Internet. Just quick update to explain what’s happening here.

Yesterday, I launched the Mister Write Now YouTube Channel with the first two videos. The first introduces the upcoming series, aptly titled “How to Write a Paper.” The second begins the lessons with “How to Write a Thesis,” which outlines the process necessary to conceptualizing and writing a thesis for a given paper. The next series of videos will outline every step necessary to getting an “A” on longer assignments, and is designed to be taken as complementary with the articles I post here. (Meaning that I am not planning on covering the same topics in videos that I do in blog posts and vice versa). Check out the channel and subscribe if you like. That’d be cool of you.

Because I spent all of yesterday and the day before shooting and editing the videos, I don’t have a short story for you today. Instead, I have this article (linked for those who don’t like scrolling down) on Anticlimaxes. Short stories are a lot of fun to write, but they’re awfully time consuming for me. I can do articles in a much shorter amount of time. So, while I’m cooking the next story, rather than skip an update day, I’m going to swap the schedules. Instead of posting a story today and a fiction writing article on Friday, I’m doing the reverse. Make sense?


That’s it. Enjoy the article, enjoy the videos. Have a good one, Internet.


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