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Well, it’s been about a month since I began, and we’re already undergoing some ch-ch-ch-changes.

First, I’ve put some ads on the site, as you might have noticed. I’ve tried to make it so they aren’t intrusive when you’re actually reading the posts– the only ones that show up in the actual text are the previews on the home page. Everything else is on the sidebar. These are Google ads; they are safe to click. You will not get viruses from these. In fact, it would really help me out if you did click on them. Seriously. I don’t have a job right now. This and my book sales are the only thing that can help pay my bills. So… help.

Second, you might have noticed that I didn’t post a short story yesterday. If you didn’t notice that, then you aren’t coming to the site often enough. Come here more often.

There wasn’t a short story posted yesterday because I’ve decided to make that a once-every-other-week endeavor. The fact of the matter is that writing a new short story every week just isn’t feasible, unless I begin sacrificing quality. I mean, sure, I can probably sneeze something out in an hour. I’ve done it before. But, if there’s anything I’ve learned over the years of writing things, it’s that if your work sucks, people begin thinking that you suck. And I don’t want the internet to think that I suck. I want the internet to think that I am cool and talented. Also handsome.

So, instead of a short story every week, on the Tuesdays which do not have a short story, I’ll be filling it with another article, either on Fiction or Academic Writing– at least as of now. I probably could do another review, but those are honestly the most time-consuming non-fiction thing I write. Seriously, I spend hours on those.

I’ll probably go back and forth on the alternating Tuesdays, one being a fiction article, the next being an academic one. But it’ll honestly vary with the time, my mood, and various other factors like what I can think of to write.

So, there’s that change.

Finally, I’m working on another book for you to buy. I hope to have it out for you in a few weeks; I’m shooting for the middle of February. This book, which I haven’t titled yet, is going to consist of a bunch of short stories. They’re going to be the ones that I have posted thus far, the one coming next week, and another one or two that I can put together. Additionally, each story is going to have a forward and an afterword, detailing my process in conceiving and writing each one. I’m also going to take another pass at each story, editing them all for style. Who knows? I might even change an ending or two.

The point is that the book is going to have some value, even if you’ve read all of the short stories I’ve posted here. I didn’t want to just gather up these things and repackage and resell them to you. That’d be mean. Also, I think it’s against Amazon’s policies? I’m not really sure, and it doesn’t really matter. Probably about half of the book is going to be stuff you’ve already seen, and the other half will be new material. So, get excited about that.

That’s all I have for you right now in terms of news. I will update you guys about the book once I have the principle writing done on it, and, you know, I have information to give you.

Have a good one, Internet.

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