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About Alex:

I started reading before I went into kindergarten, and haven’t stopped. I have not gone a day without reading (except for the day I spent unconscious in the hospital in second grade after a tonsillectomy) in my life. In high school, I started to seriously write my own material, and still do to this day. I graduated a couple of years ago with multiple degrees in English Literature and History.

About the Site:

There are a lot of How-To websites out there. There are tons of tools for budding writers, and mountains of published works on how to make your writing better. I’ve found that a whole lot of it didn’t help me at all. Some of it was due to unclear direction, some of it was due to poor advice. I decided to make this site to actually use the knowledge and skills I’ve developed over the years, and to pass that on to interested parties. Also, I wanted to showcase some of my own work, and maybe sell a few books, if we’re being honest.

If you’d like to know more, or want to contact me for any reason and I’m not responding to a comment on a post, email me at: