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Slenderverse: EverymanHYBRID

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The Slenderverse has become oversaturated with various series over the past few years. What had started as something new and exciting in 2009 was overrun with subpar Marble Hornets clones over the following few years. Now, six years after Marble Hornets ended, you can’t throw a rock on YouTube without hitting a new series with three entries that will likely end up dead in a few weeks after the creator quits in a huff because people are critical of it. This week, I think we should talk about a series that hasn’t quit, despite running for five years.

Let’s talk about EverymanHYBRID. Continue reading


Slenderverse: Marble Hornets

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If you’ve been active on the Internet for longer than twenty minutes, you’ve likely come across Slenderman by now. A creation of Victor Surge, Slenderman has spread rapidly through the Internet like wildfire.

For the uninitiated, Slenderman is a monster. A Lovecraftian horror, Slenderman (or Slendy, as fans have been known to call him– but NEVER call him “Slender,” or the nerds will find you) takes the basic shape of a very tall, very thin humanoid. Varying adaptations depict him with some differences– for instance, some include tentacles, some don’t– but two things are always the same. First, he has no face– where one would be, there is just a white blank void. Second, he wears a suit. Or, as some say, it looks like a suit, but is actually his skin? It’s not really certain. It doesn’t matter, because Slenderman is freakin’ horrifying. Continue reading