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TV Show Review: Netflix’s Daredevil

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I am always consuming stories. To me, I don’t care if it’s from a TV show, a movie, a book, or a well-written video game; stories are stories to me, and the medium really doesn’t matter to me.

I also suffer from chronic insomnia, a condition I would not wish upon my worst enemy (except, perhaps, Kurt Russell, who knows what he did). I take medication for it, and it works pretty well, but it also takes about four hours before it starts to affect me (my tolerance is ludicrously high to sleeping pills, as I started taking them when I was around twelve).

Basically, since I also currently only work as a freelancer from home and sell my books (NOW AVAILABLE IN TRADE PAPERBACK! CHECK IT OUT!), I have an additional five to six hours each day that most people don’t. Most insomniacs still have to go to work in the morning; I’m already here.  Continue reading


Tabletop Review: DBA 3.0

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I’m taking a minute today to break from my normal posting topics (literature and all things writing) to discuss my other hobby: tabletop war games.

I started playing when I was about ten years old, when my dad and I would make up nonsense rules for army men in the sandbox in my backyard. It wasn’t until I was about twelve, when my uncle David came down from New Hampshire for a visit, that I was exposed to organized rules for the first time. That was my earliest exposure to DBA. Continue reading


Books: The Dresden Files

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For all of my love of the written word, I haven’t actually written a review for any books yet. This week, I’m going to remedy that situation by taking a look at one of my favorites: The Dresden Files series.

A clear master of the Urban Fantasy genre, Jim Butcher has created a world that I would love to live in. Currently composed of fifteen books (of a planned twenty-three or so) and a multitude of short stories, The Dresden Files takes the genre to a level I’ve never seen before or since.

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