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Slenderverse: TribeTwelve

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After the previous review I posted of Marble Hornets, I thought I should cover one that was initially inspired by it: TribeTwelve. Take note that the series has not ended, and that there is ample time for new viewers to catch up, possibly even before the next entry. You can likely binge watch the series up to now over a couple of evenings, and I recommend doing so.

The series follows Noah Maxwell, who used the channel originally for an abandoned school project. Rather than let the channel’s cool name go to waste, he decided to make it a tribute to his old friend and cousin, Milo Asher. Milo had committed suicide recently, and Noah, in his grief, began going over old footage the pair had shot of them during Milo’s last visit two years previous. Noah had noticed that Milo was acting odd, but when he went over the videos, he found some things he hadn’t picked up on at the time, things that hinted that Milo’s strange behavior, and possibly his suicide, were not necessarily the result of mental illness. Soon enough, after spotting Slenderman (referred to in-universe as The Administrator) in the videos, Noah becomes an apparent target, and is stalked by Slenderman as well. The series documents his search for answers and a solution to his problem while he slowly spirals downward into depression and, possibly, madness. Continue reading